Leishmania Laboratory Visit in Israel

Field work in Albania: during the period of June-July 2015 from household dogs of human VL patients and from the dogs living in the same area, but not belonging to patients, blood with and without EDTA is collected. The areas are Lezhe, Lac, Diber, Lushnje, Kukes, Gjirokaster, Sarande, Fushe-Kruje, Tirane, Fier, Elbasan(foto). For about 300 serums and 200 bloods EDTA all dog’s data are recorded including age, breed, sex, signs, district, village, habitat, etc. Samples collection is performed in collaboration with Ministry of Agriculture and Veterinary Service of the areas under study.

Laboratory work in Israel: Serum anti-leishmania antibodies were determined by ELISA with the maximum of 13 samples in one examination (foto ELISA).  From the total of 300 serums, 10 were positive and 22 borderline (anti-leishmania antibodies presented). From the EDTA blood, DNA was extracted and PCR (foto PCR) was performed only in 45 samples. Based on the protocol of ELISA and PCR there was not enough time to finish examination of all samples with PCR. The rest of the samples will be examined by the staff of the laboratory in School of Veterinary Medicine.


  • For the first time in Albania it is performed a study based on the methodology of dogs belonging to the human VL patients compares with dogs living in the same area, but not belonging to the patients that serves as a control group.
  • PCR examination will give us the whole picture of the leishmania infection in dogs.


Event begins 25-08-2015