EBOLA: Intensified Preparedness Programme

CORDS Project

The Ebola Intensified Preparedness Programme is a project, initially funded by The Rockefeller Foundation for a six-month period, that offers:

  • Training in affected and not yet affected countries;
  • Online material to learn about this capacity building approach;
  • Executive briefings to advise risk management and risk communication.

Our Intensified Preparedness Programme (IPP) focuses on communication and community work to help with preparedness and response, to establish trust between communities and health care workers and to enhance resilience in the communities.

This programme is based on innovative, culturally sensitive risk management and risk communication approaches that support both the short-term crisis response efforts and the longer-term capacity building that relies on networking and communication.

From October 1st 2014 until March 31st 2015 we developed the programme, tested the approach in a pilot in Uganda and held five multi-country workshops in East and West African countries, during which colleagues from 21 countries including Burkina Faso, Guinea, Nigeria and Mali.

International partners including the World Health Organisation, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the International Federation of the Red Cross were kept informed of progress.

Results showed that participants highly valued the course. We are continuing to work with the trainees to spread the concept throughout the continent of Africa and are also offering  flexible consultancy briefings for national and international leaders, available on request.

Commenced October 1, 2014
Status Completed April 2015