One Health Incubator Workshops

CORDS Project

The human-animal-ecosystem interface is of particular interest for limiting the spread of the disease. The One Health approach aims to combine the forces in human and animal health sectors with industry and policy stakeholders.

Using a grant from The Rockefeller Foundation we will hold three One Health Workshops each combining two networks.

CORDS networks face the challenge of infectious disease surveillance and of information sharing, communication and coordination across sectors not only in one country, but they work across several countries and in cross-border regions.

The overall aim of our three Incubator workshops is to enhance the trust and respect that enables true collaboration. The workshops will use two diseases to study, Avian Flu and Ebola.  The two diseases are used to elicit useful patterns of surveillance, detection and control in a multi-sectoral approach. Representatives will include members of the animal and human health industries, poultry industry, public policy makers and food regulators.

The pilot workshops will result in a variety of products including working group material with seven scenarios and analysis tools, a one-day exercise and an evaluation tool.

Commenced September 1, 2014
Status Ongoing