Improving Biosecurity by Strengthening Networks

CORDS Project

In 2014, the Asian Network, APEIR in conjunction with the Middle Eastern Network, MBDS and ASEAN +3 FETN ( the Association of South East Asian Countries plus three others and the Field Epidemiology Training Project Programme) launched a new project.  The project aims to strengthen regional capacity for understanding, preventing, preparing for, and responding to disease agents that have bioterrorism and/or pandemic potential.

The study is supported by The International Development Research Center), Canada with Canada’s Global Partnership Program.

This project will be part of the project for ASEAN, on “Enhancing the ASEAN Health Cooperation on Emerging Infectious Diseases and other Relevant Potential Threats” on strengthening capacity of regional network on diseases surveillance and outbreak Investigation that will be conducted by APEIR and MBDS. In addition to this activity, this project will also serve as ASEAN + 3 Field Epidemiology Training Network (FETN)’s training activity. CORDS will help facilitate APEIR and MBDS to the other networks in other regions.

This project also collaborates with the WHO and APL on the GPP-funded Project to “Strengthen Laboratory Capacity for Emerging and Dangerous Pathogens in the ASEAN region”, which will be led by Malaysia and Singapore. The component on pandemic and risk assessment in ASEAN will be led by Philippines in collaboration with BioDiaspora.

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Commenced March 1, 2014
Status Ongoing