Welcome to CORDS

Connecting Organisations for Regional Disease Surveillance (CORDS)

CORDS is a program of Ending Pandemics, comprised of six regional member networks, working in 28 countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe. We work to detect and control the spread of infectious diseases by catalysing exchange and collaboration among regional surveillance networks globally. Our vision is a world united against infectious disease.

Infectious disease remains one of the world’s greatest threats to human and animal life, the environment, local communities and economies. Early detection helps keep infection to its area of origin, which in our increasingly mobile world is vital in stopping life threatening diseases such as Zika, Ebola and Yellow Fever. The expertise of CORDS’s member networks in terms of local knowledge and relationships enables prompt disease detection and response, containing outbreaks at source and keeping communities safe.

We are committed to promoting the One Health Approach which recognises that the health of humans is connected to the health of animals and the environment.

SACIDS Genomic Sequencing Webinar: 6 October 2021

Dear colleagues,
Registration is now open for the SACIDS Genomic Sequencing Webinar:
Date:  6 October 2021.
Time: 5pm – 6.30 pm Eastern African Time (GMT+3)
Participants will have an opportunity to hear about the use of genomics for managing the Covid-19 epidemic in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Middle East, South East Asia and Zambia, as well as information on affordable genomic sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 and other viral epidemics in Africa.

Register now: