Our vision is 
‘A World United Against Infectious Diseases.’

CORDS aims to connect organizations and people to build bridges between:

Regions of the world:

  • ● Building trust and relationships across the globe allows for greater collective response to the spread of epidemics.
  • ● CORDS facilitates dialogue and information sharing among networks and supports them in their local communities and help save lives.
  • ● CORDS works to help build additional networks in other disease hotspots, such as in West African countries. and hopes to work in the Indian sub-continent in the future with such partners Ending Pandemics.


International Health Organizations and Networks:

  • ● CORDS aims to connect United Nations organizations, International Agencies, National Health Systems and communities to think and act both locally and globally.


Experts and innovators in human and animal health:

  • ● CORDS and it’s networks strongly believe in the ‘One Health’ approach, which considers that they are interdependent and bound to the health of ecosystems in which they exist.
  • ● CORDS offers a platform to test and scale up monitoring innovations in human and animal health. A number of cross-border projects have the potential to be seen by game changers through expansion across the globe.
  • ● CORDS connects scientists, epidemiologists, doctors, veterinarians, professionals, nurses, community health workers and IT specialists to find innovative solutions to global disease surveillance