CORDS Executive Director to sit on panel at Global Health Security Agenda Forum, Korea

Prof Nigel Lightfoot CBE

Following his presentation on CORDS at the Global Health Security Agenda, GHSA, steering group in Paris on the 29th of June 2015 the Korean Government has invited Executive Director, Professor Nigel Lightfoot, CBE to sit on the concluding panel on 7th September to discuss how NGO’s are helping the GHSA.

Professor Nigel Lightfoot CBE said: “There’s already a lot of good work being done by NGOs, in line with the global health security agenda targets. A collaborative top-down approach through governments combined with a bottom up approach through country and regional champions in the CORDS networks is essential for success and sustainability in fighting against the threat of infectious diseases.”

The Forum which will be attended by leaders from around 50 countries aims to foster discussions globally and establish a common agenda and direction for the GHSA.

The event is being organised by the Korea Foundation for International Healthcar, a specialised agency under the Ministry of Health and Welfare of the Republic of Korea.