CORDS Conference 2018 Presentations

Below are a selection of the presentations given on the 29th and 30th January at the CORDS Conference, Bangkok.

Lessons learned from HIV for the next pandemic

WHO Health Emergencies Programme

Innovative tools and approaches for surveillance in animal health

Operational Research Project Management Experiences, Challenges and lessons learnt in East Africa-2

Mediterranean Programme for Intervention Epidemiology Training as an approach to addressing international health risks in the Meditteranean region

Gap analysis of negelected global disease of marginalised people

Tracking Inter-Country Transmission of Salmonella Infantis using the Laboratory-Based Surveillance Network Established by MECIDS

The Process of Evaluation Timeliness of Outbreak Detection and Response in the SEE Region

Reproducing results and performance of TB Diagnostics in East Africa

The SACIDS One Health Approach to Genomics Driven Surveillance for Antimicrobial Resistance

Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention An Opportunity to Strengthen Public Health Networks on the Continent

Towards a Sustainable Structure for supporting Disease Surveillance and risk management of epidemics in Africa

Canada’s Global Partnership Programme Mitigating Biological Threats

Eastern Mediterranean Public Health Network EMPHNET

Building Sustainable Networks the Experience and Challenges of EAIDSNet

Seroepidemiological study to identify Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome-Corona Viruses transmission in Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian Authority

Genome profiling of multidrug resistance tuberculosis among patients in Tanzania

Building capacities for sentinel influenza surveillance in Republic of Macedonia 2014-2017 V. MIKIKJ

APEIR Experience – Strengthening Regional Role in AMR Research.ADISASMITO

Inter-sectoral and inter-network Collaboration for Improving Disease Surveillance in East and South Africa

Antimicrobial resistance in Macedonia compared with the Balkan region and Europe Results of Caesar Network

Using smart phones occupied with the installation of mobile web apps for an electronic system of disease surveillance systems in Tanzania

East Africa Public Health Laboratory Networks Project Strengthens Disease Surveillance for using Regional Web based reporting systems in East Africa

OIE Tripartite activities on AMR

Estimating the economic and social consequences for patients disagnosed with human African trypanosomiasis in Murchinga, Lusaka and Easterm Provinces of Zambia 2004 to 2014

Jointly collaborating to control infectious diseases in sub-saharan Africa SACIDS and EAIDSNet in Pandora

Innovation in Surveillance Our Uneven Fourth Industrial Revolution How will it play out

Establishing a One Health Disease Surveillance Network, a recent convergence in South Asia