Are YOU Ready to Help Prevent the Next Pandemic? 15 April, 2021

Covid-19 caught most of the world by surprise. In this highly interactive session, hosted by Ending Pandemics, participants will meet the creators and implementers of participatory surveillance systems that are engaging directly with communities to help identify potential disease outbreaks faster in some of the ‘hottest’ spots on the planet for the emergence of novel infections, including Brazil, Thailand, Cambodia, Tanzania, and South Africa.

The session will offer the opportunity for everyone, whether you are a social entrepreneur, healthcare worker, philanthropist, corporate leader, or NGO staff, to learn about participatory surveillance and share their ideas for expanding this approach to new communities.

This session is part of the 18th Annual Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship.


Event begins 15-04-2021
Event ends 15-04-2021
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