Update: in-depth information about two Zika cases in Vietnam; one case is a pregnant woman

Dear Colleagues,

here are some additional comments by Dr Vung:

“the second case positive with Zika virus is a 8 week-pregnant women  living in Ho Chi Minh city

her husband working in Maylaysia who came back to Viet Nam 14 days ago, he did not showed any symptoms of disease; her 2 years old- daughter one week ago had  fever but the lab test confirmed that she suffered from dengue fever (according to newspaper namely “Health and Life of Ministry of Health, Vietnam”).”

Please see below Dr Vung’s translation from the website of the Ministry of Health in Vietnam:

Information about 2 positive cases with Zika Virus in Vietnam 

  1. The first case: female patient, 64 years-old, lives in Phuoc Hoa commune, Nha Trang beach City, Khanh Hoa province; started on March 26th, 2016 with light fever, headache, rash in 2 legs, and pink eyes,. The patient treated herself with fever release drug at home but not released, up to March 28th 2016 she was taken to Khanh Hoa tropical disease hospital to be examined and did lab test. Result on March 31 from Nha Trang Pasteur Insitute showed positive with Zika virus; The positive results with Zika virus were reconfirmed by National Institute for Hygien and Epidemiology in Hanoi and from Pasteur Institute in Ho Chi Minh city on April 4th, 2016;
  2. The second case: 33 years old female patient, lives in Thanh My Loi, District No.2, Ho Chi Minh City, started on March 29th 2016 with the symtomp of rash, conjunctivitis,tiredness, and was examined at No.2 District general hospital on the same day with suspected with Rubella; she was hospitalized, lab test on March 31, 2016 from Pasteur Institute, Ho Chi Minh city positive with Zika virus; reconfirmation by National Institute for Hygien and Epidemiology in Hanoi on April 2nd, 2016 and from Nagasaki University (Japan) located in the Institute on April 4th,2016 also showed positive with Zika Virus.

Results from surveillance to the family members and neighbours has not detected other cases positive with Zika virus; Therefore, these are the first two cases recorgnized in community in Vietnam, at the moment, two patients’ health are stable.

In that context, MoH of Vietnam has sent official letters to Khanh Hoa and Ho Chi Minh city Health departments to give consultation to The People’s Committee to declaire outbreak at commune scope according to the Decision 02/2016/QĐ TTg dated 28 January, 2016 of Prime Minister regulated conditions to declaire outbreaks and end of commmunicable outbreaks; give command to the provinces increase outbreak allert to the higher level (2nd level ) to the situation with positive cases; Pasteur Institutes in Nha Trang and in Ho Chi Minh city have collaborated with the two provinces to isolate with the radius  of 200 metres, investigate with a larger areas around outbreak sites and conducted outbreak control measures.

MoH Vietnam identify and predict that in coming time, there might be more cases of Zika virus due to the transportation of people between nations as well as between provinces in the country, at the same time mosquitos have been circulated from time to time and being vectors to transmit diseases and has not immunization in the community. It is needed to pay attention to prevention and monitoring of pregnant women, women intent to be pregnant and pregnant woment infected with Zika virus. In order to actively prevent and control Zika virus outbreak, aiming at limitation of spreading Zika virus in community, ensure and stable social security of people , MoH of Vietnam recommend provinces to implement following measures

  1. Increase the outbreak allert and conduct outbreak response activities according the No.2 Situation/scenario of the Zika virus prevetion and control Plan; continue to strengthen outbreak surveillance, lab test taken in provinces to early detection of suspected cases, implementation of disease prevention measures including to destroy/kill larvae, prevention of mosquitos bite, mobilize people and community to active participation, to conduct vector surveillance, organize to spray substance to kill mosquitos to prevent spreading to other communities.
  2. Implemet intensive IEC activities (information, education and risk communication), mobilize people to active participate in the campain “people killing mosquitos, larvae, prevent and control of Zika virus outbreak and dengue fever”, these are most effective measures at the moment in the prevention and control of Zika virus outbreak. To recommend people do not be worry and well implemment prevention measures for themself, their family and community, as well as people can go to Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh city if necessary (no influence to tourist activity).
  3. Provinces implement of outbreak declairation according to the Decision No 02/2016/QĐ TTg dated 28th January, 2016 of The Prime Minister if the outbreak occure in order to maximum moblize resources and community participation in the activity of Zika virus outbreak prevention and control.
  4. To monitor, follow-up, give guidances, give reproductive/antenatal health care for pregnant women, Zika virus inffected pregnant women, supervise the small-head syndrom before and after delivery at obstetric and peadiatrict health facilities in Vietnam.
  5. Obstetrict and peadiatrict health facilities well prepare human resource, drug, health equipment, beds in order to readily receive and treat for the patients.
  6. Supplement financial resource to serve Zika virus prevention and control activities. Give guidence policy/mechanism for health staff working in the field of outbreak prevention and control

I wish to thank Dr Vung and all MBDS colleagues for sharing this important piece of information. As agreed in CORDS, network members can use the information to inform their own decision making but the source of the information must not be disclosed – unless stated otherwise. I am going to add this information to the forum for your discussions.

For those of you who have not yet met Dr Vung: Dr Nguyen Dang Vung, MD, MScEPI, PhD is Head of the Department of Demography and Vice Director of the Institute for Preventive Medicine and Public Health at Hanoi Medical University in Hanoi, Vietnam.