Asia Partnership on Emerging Infectious Diseases Research

The Asia Partnership on Emerging Infectious Diseases Research or APEIR was established in 2006 to promote regional collaboration on all emerging infectious diseases. Our network is consists of researchers, practitioners and Senior Government Officials from Cambodia, China, Laos, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. We work together to facilitate communication and knowledge sharing to reduce the threat of emerging diseases with a particular focus on their burden in poor and marginalised groups in our region.

APEIR works closely with the other CORDS networks and we are currently working with CORDS Headquarters on an operational research project on improving biosecurity and are planning a joint project with The Mekong Basin Disease Surveillance Consortium and The East African Integrated Disease Surveillance Network to improve surveillance of infections in maternal and child health.

For more information on our vital work visit our website.

APEIR Contact

  • G Building 3rd Floor Room G316
    Faculty of Public Health
    Universitas Indonesia
    Indonesia 16424
(+62) 21 29302084