Mekong Basin Disease Surveillance Foundation

The MBDS (Mekong Basin Disease Surveillance Foundation) is a self-organized regional network established in 2001, who are celebrating their 21st anniversary this year. It is a collaboration among six Mekong Basin countries: Cambodia, China, Lao P.D.R, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam under The Health Ministerial MOU. It aims to strengthen national and regional capabilities in infectious disease surveillance, inter-regional collaboration, outbreak response and information sharing for rapidly and effectively control of Public Health Threats.


  • To reduce the spread and impact of outbreak-prone diseases including public health emergencies of international concern (PHEIC), and to serve as a model for regional cooperation.


  • To strengthen sustainable national core capacities and regional cooperation in public health threats and information sharing, outbreak investigation and response to priority diseases and PHEIC so that they can be rapidly and effectively controlled (consistent with IHR 2005).
  • To rationalize cross border information and communications technologies (ICT) capacity, and risk communication to support disease surveillance activities.
  • To provide essential information for the development of health and social policy to reduce the burden arising from these priority diseases and develop indicators for monitoring progress.
  • To strengthen partnerships with existing cooperation mechanisms, maintain and enhance multi-sectoral collaboration, communication, collaboration and coordination among member countries for public health emergency preparedness and response.

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MBDS Contact

  • c/o Ministry of Public Health
    Department of Disease Control
    Rajprachasamasai Building (No.8)
    1st floor Tiwanond Road
    Nonthaburi 11000 Thailand
+ 66 (0) 2150 9665
mbds@mbdsnet.org mbds@mbds.foundation