Expanding Epidemic Intelligence in One Health: SECID Webinar, 8 July, 2021

Join us for our SECID webinar on ‘Expanding Epidemic Intelligence for One Health’ on 8 July 2021 at 3pm Central European Summer Time (GMT+2).

The webinar will include:

  • Introduction – Dr Marlo Libel, Ending Pandemics and Dr Silvia Bino, the Southeast European Center for Surveillance and Control of Infectious Diseases South (SECID).
  • ‘EpiHack’ – developing an enhanced surveillance system, SECID – Silvia Bino.
  • From Event Based Surveillance to control measures – the challenges and opportunities of an integrated digitalized surveillance system, SECID – Jonilda Sulo.
  • One Health Dashboard: opportunities and threats, Ending Pandemics and SECID – Kujtim Mersinaj.
  • Event Monitoring Systems  -Kakada Chheang, inSTEDD iLab Southeast Asia. 
  • Q&A fellow CORDS networks, Dr Moe Ko Oo, the Mekong Basin Disease Surveillance Foundation (MBDS) and Prof. Mark Rweyemamu, SACIDS Foundation for One Health (SACIDS).
  • CORDS partners to share their EBS activities.
  • One Health Surveillance short film, Ending Pandemics.
  • Managing chat questions & discussions – SECID, Valbona Zefi.

Click the link below to join the zoom: