Partnership For AMR Surveillance Excellence

Partnership for AMR Surveillance Excellence

This CORDS project addressing antimicrobial resistance surveillance (AMR) in Africa and Asia, with support from the Fleming Fund, is now called PARSE – the Partnership for Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance Excellence. PARSE brings together CORDS networks (APEIR, EAIDSNet, MBDS, MECIDS, SACIDS, and SECID) and trusted partners from the Eastern Mediterranean Public Health Network (EMPHNET), Pakistan One Health Alliance (POHA), the South Asia One Health Disease Surveillance Network (SAOH-Net) and the Center for One Health Research and Promotion in Nepal.

Mapping and Gap Analysis
CORDS Networks and Partners are mapping current AMR surveillance practices and characterizing what is needed to be able detect and monitor AMR at the national and regional levels. This includes the review of current guidelines, protocols, and regional and country level situational analyses to determine the need for protocols and SOPs. Mapping existing AMR surveillance systems will identify i) different approaches for monitoring emergence and spread of AMR, including the range of baseline data, ii) models and mechanisms for AMR surveillance, capacity building in the different country or regional settings, iii) opportunities for common surveillance protocols.

Protocol Development
Based on mapping and gap analysis results and review of existing guidelines PARSE will develop common protocols and SOPS and identify pilot locations. The One Health approach will be central to decision-making about which protocols and sectors to prioritize. Key AMR stakeholders will be engaged at the regional and national levels to ensure buy-in, acceptability, and sustainability.

Piloting will take place in each of the four regions, with PARSE partners working together to harmonize implementation, including data collection sites, techniques, tools, methods for analysis and interpretation, and minimum essential data. Countries will be selected during Year 1 of the project – after the completion of the Mapping and Gap Analysis.

Results Sharing
Once PARSE partners pilot common protocols and SOPs, they will share results with national, regional, and global stakeholders in the AMR sphere. Based on findings and discussions, the PARSE Partners will make recommendations about the adoption of the AMR surveillance protocols across project pilot countries and regions.

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